How it all began....

BEYOND Conference - NY March 2015....

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image title Our revolution

We’re idealists, and proud of it. We can see a future where transportation is much more eco-friendly and where more people have access to it. Can you see it too?

image title How can you be a part of it?

You can contribute to the cause and help us spread the word. This is a community effort and we need your help.
image title Recycled cardboard?

Recycled cardboard used for packaging is folded origami style to make it strong. It’s then treated to make it both waterproof, and fireproof. Ingenious!

image title Whats next?

We’ve already begun work on plans for cardboard wheelchairs, baby strollers, supermarket trolleys and more. What ideas do you have for future products? Share them...
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The Cardboard Bike
The Cardboard Bike-Labor
The Cardboard Bike - Evolution
The Cardboard Bike Project

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