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About Us


To create new local industry by breathing life into recycled cardboard, transforming it into useful products for real people.

We’re idealists, and proud of it. We can see a future where transportation and other everyday products and services are much more eco-friendly, and where more people around the world have access to them.


The cardboard bike is the first commercial implementation of our patented technology. Unique in many ways, it is made primarily of recycled cardboard, along with recycled plastic and car tires. The cardboard itself is highly durable, and both fire and water resistant.


Imagine a time when every plastic or cardboard product that is discarded into a recycling bin will contribute to the creation of a bicycle, wheelchair, toy or other useful product.


Join us on our journey.


Our Business Model and the markets it addresses is based on our ability to develop any selected cardboard product for manufacture on a fully automatic production line (over 2000 units per 8-hour shift).


These revolutionary production lines that are produced at the company's facility will be shipped and assembled at destinations around the globe, allowing our manufacturing partners to locally produce bicycles, wheelchairs and other products at an unparalleled low cost.


The local post production assembly lines, which are designed to be operated by senior citizens or people with disabilities, will allow the creation of new jobs for every new product we bring to the market in each location.


The nature of our recycled products, including the design that allows cobranding and sponsored projects (such as municipal bike-sharing projects) enables us to offer unmatchable end user prices that will vary from “low cost” to “no cost” for end users who cannot afford the products, as represented in our “Social Business Model” below.



Transportation is widely acknowledged as a key impediment for progress in developing countries. We believe that philanthropic and corporate sponsored community projects are the key to development and that our adult and youth bikes models, as well as the wheelchair, are ideal for these markets being durable, light, low cost and with minimum maintenance required.

As such, our “Social Business Model” is based on large corporate sponsored projects, government and NGO incentives that will allow the offering of bikes, wheelchairs and other essential and useful products at no cost at all for those who cannot afford them. For every other unit purchased at full price in developed countries, one unit will be made available at no cost in developing countries.

This model takes into account tax incentives that are offered to manufacturing organizations contributing in a positive way to the sustainability of the environment (e.g. using or encouraging the use of recycled cardboard). In addition, incentives are also made available to organizations employing sectors of the population that otherwise cannot find employment (senior citizens, people with disabilities etc.).




Izhar Gafni

Founder and Co-CEO

A Mechanical Engineer and multi-disciplinary systems developer, specializing in the design and development of automated production lines. Izhar registered his first 1st patent application at the age of 13, and attended the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science aged 17. He is accredited with developing the ‘Automatic Pomegranate Peeling Machine,’ a prize-winning invention recognized by the American Association of Engineers.


Founder and Co-CEO

A highly experienced executive, well known in the Israeli start-up sector for having lead companies from inception to commercialization, with a special focus on marketing and the development of business models. Nimrod founded one of the largest angel investor clubs in Israel and has completed more than 40 equity investments, six of them as lead investor. In addition, he acts as a Veteran Mentor at the Microsoft Accelerator in Israel – “Think Next”.



An Industrial Engineer, specializing in manufacturing, business process and supply chain management. Nir spent 10 years at Microsoft Israel as an IT Business Tool and Process Manager, in addition to roles as a Technical Specialist and CRM Product Manager. Prior to Microsoft he spent 2 years at SAP as a Project and Delivery Department Manager, and 4 years at CA Technologies, responsible for contractual agreements between CA and channel partners.

Amir Dayan

Chief Production & Product Development Officer

Amir spent 28 years at the Intel Corporation, spanning various senior production managing positions including :Intel Kiryat-Gat & Jerusalem – Automation Department Manager & Factory Executive Staff; Intel Jerusalem – ManufacturingDepartment Manager and Factory Executive Staff member, Intel Jerusalem – Sort Department Manager and Factory Executive Staff member