Our Vision

We’re idealists, and proud of it. We can see a future where transportation is much more eco-friendly and where more people have access to it. Can you see it too?

The cardboard bike is the first of its kind, made of recycled cardboard along with melted recycled plastic and car tires. Despite being primarily made of cardboard, the bicycle is durable, fire and water resistant, and can support up to 300 pounds. Cardboard Technologies’ industrial and environmental game changing revolution will touch both consumers and enterprise. Imagine a time when every plastic or cardboard product that is thrown into the recycle bin will contribute to the creation of a bicycle, toy or wheelchair.


The Team


pic1Izhar Gafni – Inventor and CTO

Izhar is a mechanical engineer and a multi-disciplinary systems developer. In addition to having invented the Cardboard Bicycle, he is also known for his development of the Automatic Pomegranate Peeling machine, a prize-winning invention recognized by the American Association of Engineers. Other inventions of Izhar include a smart robot that sews shoes and a climbing machine for people with physical disabilities. Prior to his current role, Izhar worked with a select group of manufacturing companies including Pom Wonderful and Juran Metal Works.

the team-01Nimrod Elmish – CEO

Nimrod, a software engineer (BSc.), is an experienced executive with a rich background of working with start ups, accompanying them through their entire life cycle – from the establishment of their vision to fund raising, product development and commercialization. In 2004, Nimrod founded one of the largest angel investor clubs in Israel, which he has managed ever since. The club has since completed more than 40 seed investments, with Nimrod acting as the lead investor in five of them. Nimrod is also a veteran Mentor at the Microsoft Accelerator in Israel.