Cardboard Technologies | FAQ
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What is the status of the company and its vision?

We are happy to report that as of mid 2015, the company has raised a considerable sum of equity financing, and is in the process of establishing our first production line. Future production lines will follow shortly after the launch of our first product (see below for details).

What product / version will launch first?

We have completed development of the children’s Cardboard Balance Bike, and that will be our first product to launch commercially.

When do you expect the first product to launch?

At present we expect the Cardboard Balance Bike to launch commercially towards the end of 2016.

How much will the Cardboard Balance Bike cost?

We aim to ensure that the Cardboard Balance Bike will be available at an affordable price to all. Retail pricing will be announced closer to public launch.

Where will the Cardboard Balance Bikes be sold?

We expect large mass retailers to stock and sell the Cardboard Balance Bikes, in addition to online retailers such as Amazon (the products are shipped in knock-down format and are easy to assemble). More details will be supplied on our website and Facebook page closer to the commercial launch.

Why is it taking so long to launch the Cardboard Bike?

Building a safe and durable bicycle composed primarily of cardboard is a true engineering challenge. We have spent years on working on the technology to do so, and on protecting the IP related to it, and while we have made tremendous progress, there is still more work to be done. We are not willing to compromise on safety or quality, and so are focusing on making sure that the bike will be able to meet rigorous conditions and still perform according to expectations. We know that you are all waiting for it…….we can promise you that once it launches, it will have been worth waiting for!


Given the long wait, we decided to launch the Cardboard Balance Bike – a product that is subject to lower regulation and has less engineering challenges than it’s big brother – the adult bike.

How much will the Cardboard Bike cost?

As with the Cardboard Balance Bike, we aim to ensure that the Cardboard Bike will be available at an affordable price to all. Retail pricing will be published in due course.

We will also make a commercial co-branding model available, whereby corporate sponsors will be able to brand the bikes with their identities, and then sell the bikes at a much lower cost. A similar sponsorship model will also be made available to enable people in 3rd world countries to have access to the bike at no cost.

What colors will the adult and balance bikes be available in?

We will make the bikes available in 3 basic colors (see the Products Page for details). But local distributors / agents will be able to customize the bikes by means of printable adhesive “jackets” that can be suited to local markets, trends, fashion etc, and even personalized on demand.

I’m interested in becoming a reseller / distributor / retailer of your products. How can I contact you?

At present we are not open to partnerships / distribution agreements for the Cardboard Bike. However, if you are interested in purchasing commercial quantities of the Cardboard Balance Bike when it becomes ready to launch, please use our contact form (for commercial purposes only) on the contact page of our website.

Can I buy advanced units / samples of the Cardboard Bike?

At this point in time we are not making any advanced units or samples available for pre-sale.

Can I license your technology to manufacture products in other areas / vertical markets?

At this point in time we are not open to exploring licensing opportunities in other areas.