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Our patented technology can be adapted and applied to manufacture virtually anything, from simple, everyday products like bicycles and furniture, to more complex implementations including multi-story buildings, automobiles and more.


Based on the potential social impact created by access to affordable and eco-friendly transportation, our initial development and commercialization focus is on products that fall into the category of “human powered vehicles”.


Take a sneak peek at our lineup below….

The Cardboard Bike

The cardboard bike is the first commercial implementation of our patented technology. Unique in many ways, it is made primarily of recycled cardboard, along with recycled plastic and car tires. The cardboard itself is highly durable, and both fire and water resistant, and can support riders of up to 125Kg (250lbs). The bike has been the subject of wide press coverage, winning global acclaim for it’s innovative nature and design.

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The Cardboard Balance Bike

In order to bring our products to a wider audience, we have developed a children’s “push-bike” model, allowing us to tap into an under-served market with an affordable, yet eco-friendly starter bike for kids. The balance bike is extremely light, weighing in at 2.2kg’s (4.5lbs) and shipped in knock-down form, with easy assembly. With an adjustable seat, it is suitable for kids (unisex) between the ages of 2 and 6 years old.


The Cardboard Wheelchair

Addressing a large global market, our first wheelchair models will primarily target developing countries where price sensitivity is high, and will focus specifically on aiding patients with short-term disabilities (both in hospitals and in-home use).

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