The Cardboard Wheelchair

About this Project

The Cardboard Wheelchair has been developed to address an enormous gap in the global wheelchair market. Every year there are an estimated 2 million new wheelchair users, most of whose needs are classified as short-term. However, the costs associated with wheelchair usage prevent many of these people from getting the care they need, limiting their mobility and independence. Our initial wheelchair models are designed to target developing countries, where price sensitivity is the highest, so people everywhere can regain control of their lives.


By making our wheelchairs out of cardboard, we ensure our customers receive a highly durable product for a great price. A large disparity still exists between the cost of existing wheelchairs and needy populations’ ability to afford them, here we offer our solution; the Cardboard Wheelchair.

Project Focus

Our Cardboard Wheelchair focuses specifically on aiding patients with short-term disabilities (both in hospitals and in-home use).


By taking advantage of low-cost, highly durable cardboard, we aim to provide an affordable and reliable product to those who need it, especially those in developing countries.


Designed to ship in a flat pack, the Cardboard Wheelchair is easy to store, assemble, and disassemble as needed. Paired with our Social Business Model, we hope our wheelchairs will be available and affordable to all who need them.


Ultimately, we hope that the Cardboard Wheelchair will bring agency and independence back to those with impaired mobility.

Expected Time to Market

We are currently working on improving the structural design of the wheelchair, with an focus on increased comfort and a decrease in overall weight. We are also continuing to develop specific models for individual markets which will incorporate variations in such areas as average user size and building configurations.


The Cardboard Wheelchair is targeted for release in early 2020.


Expected Retail Price: $59-69

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