Our vision needs your support. Here’s how you can help.

Help us transform recycled cardboard into strong, light, inexpensive, and waterproof
products like bicycles, balance bikes, wheelchairs, and emergency housing.

Become a part of the CardCorps program

Join our mission to bring Cardboard products to underprivileged
populations throughout the world by taking action today.

Cardboard Bicycle

Our bicycles enable adults to commute to better jobs, students to attend school, craftspeople to bring their products to the market, and homemakers to transport water to their home.

Cardboard Wheelchair

Our wheelchairs bring mobility to senior citizens and to people with disabilities and injuries.

Cardboard Balance Bike

And our balance bike will let kids be kids,
having fun while discovering new abilities.

We create more than just products. Using our proprietary Cardboard Technology,
our CardCorps program also helps build local manufacturing facilities, creates
jobs and economic opportunity, and establishes a local, circular economy.

Become a CardCorps member

Invest in the future

Support our goal for 2019 – donating 10,000 bikes to orphans in need

Giver $99

Giver $99

Provide a Balance Bike to a Child in Need
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Impact $499

Impact $499

6 Balance Bikes to be Donated
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A bit about Cardboard Technologies

We’re idealists, and we’re proud of it. We believe in a future where everyday needs, such as transportation, are more eco-friendly and accessible. But we’re realists too. Cardboard Technologies is made of an experienced team of engineers and led by proven start-up sector executives.

The Cardboard Bike is the first commercial implementation of our patented technology. Unique in many ways, it is comprised primarily of recycled cardboard, and supplemented with recycled plastics and car tires. The cardboard itself is highly durable, as well as both fire and water resistant.

Imagine a world where every plastic and cardboard product we discard will contribute to the creation of bicycles, wheelchairs, toys, and other useful products.

Know other people invested in the future?

We breathe new life
into recycled cardboard,
transforming it into useful products
for real people.
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