Why is it taking so long to launch the Cardboard Bike?

When we first announced our intentions to build a Cardboard Bike, everyone told us it was impossible. Since then, engineering a safe and durable bicycle out of cardboard has proven to be a challenge worthy of our efforts. In order to provide our products at the price and quality we promised, we have had to build an entire industry out of nothing.


Our first product, the Cardboard Balance Bike, is expected in early 2019.The Cardboard Wheelchair and Cardboard Bike will follow in 2020.

What progress have you made?

The Cardboard Bike has served as our rolling laboratory, the product through which we have developed most of our technology. Its unique challenges have enabled us to develop methods that are applicable to other products. We have used the past several years to gain a deeper understanding of cardboard and protect all of the related intellectual property (IP).


While we have made tremendous progress, there is still more work to be done. We are not willing to compromise on safety or quality, so we are focused on ensuring that the bike is able to meet rigorous conditions and perform according to expectations. We promise that once they launch, they will have been worth the wait!

What happens to your products when it rains?

The first thing we noticed was that when it rained our products got wet. Recognizing the problems this posed, we set about fixing the flaw. Now, when the sun comes out, they dry.


Durability is a key feature of our products. Not only are our mobility devices designed to last up to 3 years with minimal maintenance, but they are held to the highest standards of safety and utility. The majority of our products’ natural strength is derived from the Cardboard itself, with help from reinforced plastics at key connection points. To ensure water and fire resistance, we use an organic coating that does not impact the recyclability of our products.

When will you release your first product?

Many of you were introduced to our company through the Cardboard Bike; however, it will not be the first cardboard product released. Our first product to reach full production will be the Cardboard Balance Bike. We are currently targeting a commercial release date in January 2019.

Why are you launching the Cardboard Balance Bike first?

Working with cardboard is an unproven concept. Due to a widespread perception of cardboard as a cheap shipping material, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide proof that our products work. As a small product, the Cardboard Balance Bike will demonstrate the strength and durability that we can pack into a little cardboard.


The Cardboard Balance Bike weighs ~2.5kg, and incorporates 4m2 of cardboard paper and 0.5kg of recycled plastics. Despite its composition, we have tested the Balance Bike’s capabilities up to 140kg and received toy and bike regulation approvals around the world (see here).

Are you worried that others will try to copy your technology?

As a budding industry, our work is especially vulnerable to copycat products. This is another reason we have decided to release the Cardboard Balance Bike first. Its design has been fully protected, clearing it for release while we wait for some of our final patents to be granted. Without the proper patents and regulations, it is impossible for us to bring reliable products to market at the scale and price we have promised.

What is your plan for the Cardboard Wheelchair?

One of the products we are incredibly excited about is the Cardboard Wheelchair. As a durable, low-cost product, it is perfectly suited to areas where medical equipment is scarce. Its price, easy storage, and environmentally friendly disposal mean it is ideal for patients in developing countries, and those with a temporary need (both in-hospital and in-home).


Our goal is to enable human activity, so we have decided to assist those with the greatest need first. As such, we plan to release the Cardboard Wheelchair before the Cardboard Bike. Both products are scheduled for release in 2020. More details will be available closer to their release.

Are you a socially motivated company?

At Cardboard Technologies, our mission is to provide useful Cardboard products to real people. But that does not mean we are sacrificing profitability. The secret lies in our development of easily duplicated automatic production facilities that can be established worldwide, repurposing local waste, and creating local industries. These allow us to match demand while still offering our products at the promised affordable prices.


We have paired this technology with our Social Business Model to provide Cardboard products worldwide. By contributing to corporate recycling programs, we target corporate sponsorship, government and NGO initiatives, and philanthropic enterprises to subsidize Cardboard products in underdeveloped regions.

How have you been funded?

A crucial aspect of our project has been partnering with the right investors. While many would have had us compromise our social approach, we only agreed to work with those who embraced our mission and saw the potential for Cardboard Industries. Our partners have patiently allowed us to complete everything we promised, at the prices we promised.


We are currently opening another round of investment so that we can continue developing production capabilities for the Cardboard Bike and the Cardboard Wheelchair.


To inquire about investment opportunities, contact: info@cardboardtech.com

How much will your products cost?

We have spent time developing our automatic production technology in order to ensure that the Cardboard Balance Bike will be available to all at an affordable price. Our target price for each product is between USD $49-69. Prices, however, are heavily dependent on our production capabilities. As our technology is adopted globally, local production lines will cut shipping costs and lower overall prices.


Our prices are also affected by different partnership programs outlined in our Social Business Model, through which different organizations can subsidize costs and provide Cardboard Products for little more than the cost of materials.

Where will Cardboard Balance Bikes be sold?

In general, expect large retailers to stock and sell Cardboard Balance Bikes. We will also be partnering with online retailers, such as Amazon, to improve our reach. All of our products are shipped in knock-down form with easy assembly. More details will be supplied on our website and Facebook page closer to commercial launches.

What colors will the Adult and Balance Bikes be available in?

We will make the bikes available in 3 basic colors (see the Products Page for details). But local distributors will be able to customize the bikes by means of printable adhesive “jackets” that can be suited to local markets, current trends, and even personal tastes.

I’m interested in becoming a distributor / retailer of your products. How can I contact you?

At present we are not open to partnerships or distribution agreements for the Cardboard Bike. However, if you are interested in purchasing commercial quantities of the Cardboard Balance Bike when it becomes ready to launch, please use our contact form (for commercial purposes only) on the contact page of our website or email us at info@cardboardtech.com closer to product launches.

Can I buy advanced units of your products?

If you would like to pre-purchase the Cardboard Balance Bike or other upcoming products, consider buying a CardCorps Membership. In addition to early access to our products, you have the opportunity to purchase a First Series Cardboard Balance Bike – part of the first ever Cardboard Technologies Product Series – with your membership, and to bring Cardboard Balance Bikes to orphaned children around the world.


Detailed offerings are available on the CardCorps Page.

Where will you locate your production lines?

Upon completion, each production line is run through a trial production run of 15,000 units. The line is then disassembled, shipped, and reassembled at another facility. There we can operate the line at full capacity. We can also duplicate each line to establish local Cardboard Industries worldwide.