The Cardboard Bike

About this Project

Cardboard Technologies began with one man’s dream of building a bicycle out of cardboard.


Since then, the Cardboard Bicycle has served as our inspiration and rolling laboratory. Most of our patented technology has been developed as a result of lessons we learned while the Cardboard Bicycle has evolved.


The subject of widespread press coverage, the Cardboard Bicycle has won global acclaim for it’s innovative nature and design.

Project Focus

Unique in many ways, the Cardboard Bicycle is comprised primarily of recycled cardboard, and supplemented with recycled plastics and car tires. The cardboard itself is highly durable, as well as both fire and water resistant, supporting riders of up to 125Kg (250lbs).


Our current iteration – the Series 9 bicycle – is in the final stages of commercial development.

Expected Time to Market

The Adult City/Urban Cardboard Bike is scheduled for commercial release in 2020.


Expected Retail Price: $59-69


To support our mission, join the IGCT CardCorps.